About - Dustin Ellison Design & Photography

Dustin Ellison is a professional photographer with a background and degree in graphic design. He is currently based just outside of Burlington, VT. Dustin specializes in property photography including, real estate, interior design, home staging, and architecture. His passions are also in travel, outdoor and active lifestyle photography.    

As a graphic designer, he has many years of experience working in the industry as well as freelancing. He specializes in branding, logo and print design. 

Dustin has been a professional photographer for the last 8 years. His images have been used by numerous magazines and publications (The Surfer’s Path, The Outdoor Journal, Australian Surfing Life, The Inertia,, India Today, Der Spiegel, etc).

Dustin's passion for traveling and love for nature have helped him produce unique and explorative photography. He attributes any and all success to the loving support of his family, friends, and mentors who have helped him out along the way and shaped him into the creative designer and photographer he is today.


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